Instyler Hair Styler Rotating Hot Iron

February 26, 2010

InStyler Facts

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Tips to help you style like a professional

Start with a good base – that means you should start with a well taken care of hair cut
Wash your hair first. Make sure your hair is well rinsed of all washing products for the best looking results. You should also dry your hair, either with a hair dryer or a towel.
Before using the InStyler, always get rid of any tangles that may be in your hair, and section it.
The sections of your hair shouldn’t be any wider than the cylinder itself. Make sure that the styler is always fully hot to the temperature that you prefer, with the rotation set. Always start with the bottom layers. Then work your way to the top
Repeat the process as you need to create the style that you want. Always keep the InStyler moving through your hair to prevent any damages.
When you are done, push the off button until the device is off. Before you but the device away make sure that it is fully cooled off.

The InStyler is not a flat iron, or a curling iron, or a brush. It is a hot iron that rotates. The secret to its success is the rotating cylinder that polishes your hair while it straightens. It has four rows of precision aligned bristles that make your hair shiny and soft and polished.

The first row of bristles sorts through your hair gently and separates the strands. Then the rotating cylinder rolls over your hair, and styles each strand individually. Then the second row of bristles puts the finishing touches on your hair, leaving it shiny, smooth, and healthy looking.

Your hair won’t get damaged by using this product. This styler uses less heat than other products, and gives people better results.

It does more than just straighten your hair. You can also add volume and life to your hair. You can create luxurious flips and curls.

The InStyler was created by two professional hairstylists who have been doing hair for a long time. They had a team of engineers to help them along with product designers who have made many products.

The cylinder is only 1 and ¼ inches long, and the bristles are made of heat resistant nylon.

To start rotation, you must close the handle.

To clean your device, make sure it is completely cooled off and unplugged. With a damp cloth, only wipe the outer surface. Make sure the cloth is wrung out of all extra water. If there is a small amount of dirt, then you can apply a small amount of soap. Before using it again, make sure that you dry if off completely.

If your device gets broken or damaged, don’t try to fix it yourself. It comes with a limited one year warranty. If it breaks within the warranty, don’t panic, it can still be fixed or replaced.

You can order your product in stores, or online, along with products and accessories.

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