Instyler Hair Styler Rotating Hot Iron

February 26, 2010

Instyler Review

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Over the years, several hair tools have been developed that have promised the sleek bouncy hair. The most prolific hair tool that has not phased out and is still utilized today is the flat iron. Flat ironing hair is a great way to straighten the hair with heat which allows all day straight styles with a little added body. Whilst the flat iron is a great tool to have, it does not always work the best with every hair type. For those with extremely curly or coarse hair, while utilizing a flat iron seems ideal, the iron itself does not provide an optimal straightening effect. Moreover, the flat iron does not give hair body, but only crushes the cuticle of the hair causing damage. A newly developed product, the Instyler, eliminates damage to the hair while adding body and volume that is unachievable with typical flat irons with its patented technology.

The Instyler gives the effects that most users seek with traditional flat ironing, however, not only can instyler users achieve sleek and straight styles, it can also produce curly styles or styles that require a lot of volume. The secret to the instyler’s ability to achieve these styles without damage is the technology that it employs. First, while the instyler results mimic that of a traditional flat iron, it is important to know that the instyler is not a flat iron, and although it has the same components of a hair brush, it is not a hair brush either. The instyler is a rotating iron. The rotating portion of the instyler is a polishing cylinder. The polishing cylinder rotates and the hair is aligned and pulled through with the help of the detangling bristles. The polishing cylinder is approximately one and one fourth inches in diameter and rotates in a fast motion while concurrently being heated. The bristles are comprised of heat resistant nylon fibers, similar to that of a traditional bristle brushes. The instyler opens like that of a flat ion and the hair is placed in between the rotating cylinder and the bristles. The hair is aligned with the bristles against the rotation and heat of the cylinder and is pulled through with a downward motion which is performed by the user. The rotating motion is automatic once the handle has been closed. The end result is smooth silky and bouncy hair. Although the instyler does utilize heat to aid in the end result, the heat is not overwhelming enough to damage the hair shaft.

While many instyler users opt for straight styles, wavy and curly styles can equally be achieved. Flips and volume are also an option with using the instyler. Although the instyler is easy to use, it is important to keep it clean to maintain its longevity. A quick wipe down with a damp cloth with soap and water will keep it clean and free from any products that have been applied to the hair.

Unlike traditional flat irons that heats hair between two hot plates, the instyler exploits minimal heat against a patented rotating cylinder and detangling hair bristles to ensure the optimal in sleek hair styling.

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