Instyler Hair Styler Rotating Hot Iron

February 26, 2010

Instyler Reviews

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Instyler rotating hot irons have been the subject of much discussion. And naturally so.
When a new hair styling tool is introduced and is touted as being
a miraculous invention in reviews, most of us are on the skeptical side,
to put it mildly.
This time, however, such a wonderful invention has been created
and it is indeed, just a phone call away.
I am talking about the InStyler here. The Instyler rotating hot iron is a licensed trademark product
that’s simply incredible. If you have naturally curly hair, although you may
be the envy of your straight haired counterparts, only you know how
extremely difficult it can be to tame locks which seem to have a mind of
their own. And, a humid day will literally turn an hours’ worth of work
with a flat iron into a frizzy mess!
Flat irons use extreme heat, along with a tight pulling action to
straighten your locks. Then, even if one is successful at straightening the
majority of your mane, desiring a curl or a curve at the end is all but
impossible to achieve with the flat iron.
This is one of the major differences highlighted with the use of the
InStyler. The InStyler rotating iron actually has a barrel as a key element in its’
design. This barrel allows for the curving at the end of the hair strand,
giving it a polished finish instead of a blunt, or crimped ending.
The user will want to use the InStyler on dry hair whenever possible.
As a major time saver, it would be wise to wash long, thick locks the previous
evening its dry in the morning. Should it not be possible to
have the hair totally dried, it is recommended to at least towel dry it
as much as possible.
It is recommended to use the InStyler without having administered any
products. This alone would save on mousse, gels and other styling aids.
Remember that some of your favorite styling products contain alcohol and
nothing but good would come of leaving the hair in a natural state.
First, section the hair off with the use of clips, leaving the bottom section
hanging freely. You will want to work from the bottom…toward the top,
leaving the top for last. Place the barrel on the bottom and clamp the hair
section (about one half inch in depth) in between the barrel and the top of
the unit. Now, slightly pull and guide the InStyler in a downward motion,
allowing instyler to straighten and polish your locks.
The wrist movement will determine the curvature at the end. Sling the
unit inward toward the jawline for an inward curl, for instance. To add
volume and height, direct the wand up and away from the base of the head.
By simply using the wrist as a directional tool, it is quite easy to get the
look you want. With a little practice, you will be able to achieve any look
you desire.
The InStyler is also a wonderful tool for short hair. There again, as
they say…”it’s all in the wrist!”

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